Monday, June 8, 2009


Original Weight: 293
Last Weight: 255
Current Weight: 252
Change in Weight: -3

You know I'm still not having the best week. You would think that with maintaining the same bloody 5 lobs and having a rough weekend, and havine stomach problems attached to that, I would learn my lesson and eat well!

But alas, I went out and had BBQ last night! And I don't even enjoy it because the whold time I am thinking about how many points it is!

Today was a little better, even though it didn't start out well because I ate my left over BBQ. But luckily dinner was saving because it was burritos, and I even had enough left over to buy a Frutista! So yay! Hell, I still think I have some left over.

I am almost afraid of stepping on the scale though. I know, it's sad, and I need to own up to my over-eating, but I just can't do it! Maybe tomorrow. Maybe. I have to soon, and if I do it tomorrow it will give me an idea of where I stand and what I need to do.

I need to go to bed too. Sleep helps me from over-eating.

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