Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh, Lately it's so Quiet

So the power just went out, but I'm not annoyed at all. I was being entirely too distracted by late night TV. I decided to come back and sit outside. It's surprisingly bright out here for this late hour. Breeze is nice. And it's so quiet. The people next door are out on their balcony as well and I can hear someone down on the street as well. But otherwise, it's relativly quiet. Of course as I write this, a siren is blaring in the distance. Figures.

So today I ate quite alot again. But I sorta felt like I needed it after my long week. I plan to be back on tomorrow.

Bro is moving out this weekend. It's nice because I feel like him leaving will help declutter the house which in turn will help declutter my life. That would be a lovely feeling!

Rehearsal tomorrow night, then I might help the Bro and finally Star Max Itrek tomorrow at midnight!! Hells to the yeah!!

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