Monday, October 5, 2009

So Random...just thoughts!

Bro moving out is SUPER FRUSTRATING!! I just want this to be my own space!

Sorta blew my diet today and probably a little last night too. I forgot to do my weight as well. Oops. Oh well.

Is it weird that I am envious of celebs because they get to go to award shows? That's silly huh?

I did a really good job cleaning my room today. Took a lot of work, but it's so very nice and zen now. R came over and kept me company for a bit while I did it, then we hung out for awhile. We've decided we need to have R&R day every Sunday to keep up on TV. It's going to keep us close.

Cali is weighing heavily on my mind today. It might be why I am in such a weird mood (hence the random blog!). I also blame a lack of friends to hang out with (why doesn't everyone have Monday off?) and bf (despite last blog, I know!) because I am so freaking bored!!

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