Monday, January 26, 2009

The First Step

Current Weight: A staggering 293 according to Wii Fit! (1lb more then what I registered on Weight Watchers last night!)
Current Points: 25
Current Week Points: 35
Current Activity Points Today: 5
Current Activity Weekly Total:
Current Mood: Really good, very positive!

So here is the deal, I weight nearly 300 lbs. No bueno! I am 25 now, and I need to take control. So I start here. After chatting with J at work I decided to start weight watchers. Of course it's not just her, I've been logging on to the site a lot in the past few weeks trying to decide if I wanted to do it or not. Of course, I never get my act together until after Christmas, so now that we are there, it's time to get serious.

I like the plan, I like the points system. And I like that I can sort of barter for more points, and even work a few in via exercise. It's a good deal. And I like that I can visually track it all, and even save my faves. Oh God...I sound like an add for the program! I assure I am not. In fact since this is day one, I guarentee there will be bad days when I hate the program.

So I work on an odd schedule, where I get up at noon, so I've had to go about and adjust the typical day schedule to my schedule, but I think I have worked it out. Eating today has been pretty easy, although getting enough milk has been tricky. The good new is my lattes are on the deal and only 2 points!! Of course I just have to be sure to order the skinny lattes!

Keep the fam on track might be tricky, but they seem open to it for the time being. We'll see how shopping does tomorrow of course. The cool thing is that I can access the site from my celly! I can double check everything before I buy it!

As far as exercise goes, I was able to earn 5 today! I did some yoga, and some dancing. I like to put on upbeat music and dance while I get ready for work. It's a nice workout! And productive. And I had my class today, where I was running around being silly with the kids, so that has to count for something right? Plus doesn't all cleaning count? And I might be doing laundry later, althought that can't count for too much. Hmm...I wonder...

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  1. Cleaning has to count. It just has to, or I'll never stay in shape.