Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Miscounting and Point Follies...Oh and I Can't Cook a Baked Potato.

Current Weight: 286 probably
Change in Weight: 0
Lbs to Goal 1 Weight: 10
Goal 1 Prize: New Jeans!! (Unless I fit into my skinny jeans...then a new shirt or skirt!!)
Current Points Used Today: 25...only 11 left! And a whole meal to go! Yikes!!
Current Week Points Left: 35
Current Activity Points Today: 3
Current Activity Weekly Total: 23
Current Mood: Frustrated

I really fucked up baked potatoes tonight. It was bad! They came out all hard and raw. Of course I tried to eat it anyway and it was no bueno. Figures! I threw half of it away, chalked up the points the best I could and ate a wrap. Which of course cost me like crazy! Bollocks!!

Then I just felt generally sick, so I might not eat again for the rest of the day. Big sloppy end to a rather weird day.

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