Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Back on Track

Original Weight: 293
Last Weight: 282
Current Weight: 280
Change in Weight: -2
Lbs to Goal 1 Weight: 4
Goal 1 Prize: New Dress Pants
Lbs to Goal 2 Weight: 12
Goal 2 Prize: Mom pays for my dreaded speeding ticket without complaint.
Current Points Used Today: 3
Current Week Points Left: 35
Current Activity Points Today: 0
Current Activity Weekly Total: 14
Total Activity Points: 47
Current Mood: Excited, despite being sick

Holla!! I am back on track and down to 180!! How freaking awesome is that!! And I was so good last night, I wanted dessert, but didn't have the points for it and I thought, "well I do have all the weekly points there, I could just munch it anyway and take those points." But in the end I remembered how low I felt when the little dot on the Wii Fit moved up and I opted not to eat it. Yay!! I am so ridiculously proud of myself!! More later...

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