Monday, February 9, 2009

Workin' Out Like Mad

Original Weight: 293
Last Weight: 278
Current Weight: 278
Change in Weight: 0
Lbs to Goal 1 Weight: 2
Goal 1 Prize: New Dress Pants
Lbs to Goal 2 Weight: 10
Goal 2 Prize: Mom pays for my dreaded speeding ticket without complaint.
Current Points Used Today: 20
Current Week Points Left: 35
Current Activity Points Today: 11
Current Activity Weekly Total: 13
Total Activity Points: 79
Current Mood: Worked Out!

Oh deary me! I just had a crazy huge workout. On the one side, I feel AWESOME. But on the other side, I am EXHAUSTED!

I really like my new work out schedule. At first I tried to workout in the morning, but that was just no bueno. I had no energy and no motivation. I had to force myself to do it, and when I didn't, it ruined my whole day. Now that I wait until the afternoon, I WANT to workout, and I have the energy, the motivation, and in someways, the guilt of all the food I had eaten that day. I think I am also going to try and start walking, probably at some of the parks around here.

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