Sunday, February 15, 2009


Original Weight: 293
Last Weight: 277
Current Weight: 276
Change in Weight: -1
Lbs to Goal 1 Weight: 0!!!!!!
Goal 1 Prize: New Dress Pants (which I am wearing tonight to Greg Behrendt!!!)
Lbs to Goal 2 Weight: 8
Goal 2 Prize: Mom pays for my dreaded speeding ticket without complaint.
Current Points Used Today: 0
Current Week Points Left: 35
Current Activity Points Today: 0
Current Activity Weekly Total: 0
Total Activity Points: 103
Current Mood: AWESOME!!!

I did it!!! I did it!!! HOLLA!!!!

I reached my first official goal!!! I am so ridiculously excited!!! It is time to celebrate!!! I am wearing my pink pants and it is going to be awesome!

My points went down again to 34. Which is good, since I rarely eat my whole 35 anyway. My BMI is 45.99....out of the 46s!! This is a great day!!!

My new weight loss goal for myself is 10% weight loss, which is 263, 30 lbs for the gift...I haven't decided. Probably new clothes. Check back later.

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  1. Whooo! Congratulations Emily, hope tonight is a blast.