Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 11 & 12 & Pole Dancing Clumsiness

First comes the admittance. I have not started level 2 yet. I know, I know.

Yesterday after an early wake up call and a long day travelling I was in no mood to start something new, so I went for routine and did Level 1 again. Then I napped for several hours. Then I pole danced. And I sort of went for it in pole dancing and tried to step outside my box a little bit. Which worked and seemed fine, even though I did fall a few times. Until this morning when I could hardly walk on my left knee and right ankle, they were both stiff and slightly painful.

So this morning I hobbled around on both injuries until they loosened up and went to look at work out 2. I decided again to go back to one, but one jumping jack told me that wasn't going to work. So I did the strength and abs in level 1. But that feels like a half assed workout, so I think I am going to go back and do the strength and abs in level 2 as well.

Otherwise the knee and ankle are being iced and elevated. And my mood is low, probably with a combination of little work out, dull rain, pain and the anti-climax that is being home. Not to mention (gentlemen, stop reading here), I think this work out is messing with my cycle. I have all the tell-tale signs of starting the next 2 days when I shouldn't start for another week.

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