Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 2....kill me now?

The pain of Day 2!! Oh the pain!! I had to push myself to even get out of bed today, let alone do the workout. And of course I get up, turn the work out on, hit pause and start to stretch leaving my remote on the edge of my bed where my cat promptly sits on top of them and begs for attention. Somehow I found the strength to say, "No Gus!" and continue on my way.

I have to say that after working out, I hurt less then I did straight out of bed, although that being said, I still hurt. A lot. My thighs, my stomach, a little bit my neck. I did my lovely yoga as well and that has seemed to make some of the pain lessen as well (and Gus did some yoga with me!)

Now I am taking a little break before getting in the shower. I am enjoying my yummy 0 point yogurt with some yummy 0 point tea. So that is right folks, I have eaten 0 points today! Woohoo! Now, if I can be just a good the rest of the day, all will be lovely!

Oh and two my darling companions, D & C, my horoscope today reads: "Think of the benefits that will come your way by teaming up with someone and getting an important job done." Thanks you two!! And good luck on your day 2!!

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