Sunday, April 18, 2010

A New Day 7

Whoa do I feel better!

Something evil had been brewing all weekend long and with my half-assed workout yesterday, and no workout this morning, I had nowhere to push my energy. However, that made for an AMAZING workout when I got hom.

I took all the tension and stress and anger and focused it into my workout. First of all, I couldn't listen to any of the bloody music anymore, so I made a workout playlist for my iPod. I turned that on, and started to work out. Circuit one I seemed to be flailing just as I normally do, but circuit 2, I worked out all the aggression (I think it's those punches!), then circuit 3, I was dancing during all the jumping. Then I added some yoga and a long shower and I was a new woman.

I still love this workout. And I love that we have chosen to do this. I love feeling good, eating good, living good! And I love, love, love my friends that are doing this with me. They are amazing!

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