Friday, April 16, 2010

Phew! Day 5.

So I went out last night to pole dancing class and I have to say I was way stronger at pole dancing then I have been. The first class I hurt for a week after, so I have been taking it easy every class since. However, when I got to class last night, I just felt like going crazy, and I totally did. It was so fun, and minus for the new bruises I feel pretty good about it.

Because of my adventurous nature last night, I expected to hurt this morning, but nope felt great. I even slept in, and set my alarm for 10am, got up 15 minutes before the alarm even went off. It was fabulous. I actually just laid in bed just looking at the sunshine playing on the ceiling thinking about how great I feel. Sat up, still no pain from last night. Total win!

That was of course until I actually began to work out. Then the pain came. In my arms this time, and normally my arms seem fine. Suddenly push ups were really hard. I stopped multiple times. I also seemed to hurt my knee and ankle last night. But I pushed on and still felt great afterwards, despite some minor shoulder pain.

Oh well, there will be good days and bad days right?

The best part is the energy. Why didn't anyone tell me about the amazing amount of energy I would gain from this? I am less stressed, more clear thinking, I can work longer, tolerate more. It's fabulous. The ultimate test comes tomorrow when I work a double. We'll see. The only problem is that I seem to crash at about 9pm and there is little to no recovery. The only thing I can do is watch tv or sleep. But until that point, I have boundless energy. Like I said, tomorrow will be the test.

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